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Expanding consciousness. Planting seeds.


My name is Shan, and I am the face behind @intuitve_vibez. I consider myself an Intuitive Channel. From a very young age I have always had a strong sense of intuition and discernment that I always just believed to be abilities handed to me by God for purpose.  As my intuition grew, I developed a system of scribbling as a means to calm my mind of racing thoughts, only to discover this method is called Automatic writing and never did I imagine this would be a critical part of my career. To clarify, I don't communicate with the dead. I am not having conversations with your loved ones who have transitioned. I can not speak for other Mediums however, I do read energy that is imprinted onto you. This can include souls either present or past. While I channel, messages start to enter my awareness. I then attach impressions to those messages and deliver them to you in the form of statements.


Being an intuitive channel involves consciously shifting my mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness. I achieve this through prayer prior to a session which allows me to make the connection to the Holy spirit and provide divine guidance with compassionate truth and heart centered wisdom about your physical, emotional and spiritual concerns which is all centered around God. I go beyond your personal aura and tap into your energy field (personal experiences,   wellness,family, friend relationships)
During a session, I may receive additional information about deep spiritual influences such as past lives, ancestral DNA
and soul memories that may be blocking your purpose in life. Whether you are seeking guidance or simply looking for a connection to
.the spiritual realm, I can offer a unique perspective and insight to the mysteries of life and death  



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